You can expect top quality prenatal care and delivery with Salina Women’s Clinic. And 97% of our patients see their own doctor at all their visits and delivery, not someone they’ve just met.

Our popular 4-D sonograms can provide an exciting glimpse of what’s to come by being able to see what your baby will look like.

All our deliveries are done at Salina Regional Health Center which offers spacious birthing suites that can accommodate your complete labor-to-recovery experience. They also have a neo-natal intensive care unit right there. Click here to learn more about Salina Regional Health Center’s Birth Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

• I think I’m pregnant -- what should I do?
• What drugs are safe for me to use during pregnancy and nursing?
• When should I call?
• When should I go to Labor and Delivery?
• What kinds of tests are done during my pregnancy?
• Are BabyView 4-D sonograms available to the general public?
• How do I make sure that my insurance will cover the pregnancy?
• What should I pack for the hospital?
• What should I expect following my vaginal delivery?
• What should I expect following my cesarean delivery?

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